CORPUS and the environment

Environmental policy statement CORPUS

CORPUS considers minimising its environmental footprint as one of its main goals. Controlling its environmental impact and limiting the environmental risks are important responsibilities for both management and employees.

Looking after the environment is a structural part of its policy and is related to the other business goals. All the employees undertake to perform their work according to the established procedures and the related policy of the company. For us, taking ‘good care for the environment’ is something that goes without saying.

The environmental policy of CORPUS can be described as follows:

Business operations are conducted in such a way that the environment is protected and that the safety and health of the employees, visitors, suppliers and other parties involved is guaranteed.

To enforce this policy, CORPUS has set the following rules:

Finally, as a result of its policy, CORPUS aims to minimise the production of (residual) waste and thus prevent any harmful impact to the air, water and soil wherever possible. An effective environmental management system guarantees the above ambition and policy! At the end of 2013, CORPUS introduced a charging point for electric vehicles. Besides the Green Key certification, this possibility is a concrete result of the policy.

Signed in Oegstgeest, January 2019

Huub Lazarom

Managing Director