Knowledge and awareness have a positive impact on a healthy life. At CORPUS, everything is about the wonders of the human body and health in the widest sense of the word.
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More than meets the eye 

The robust exterior of CORPUS conceals a strong concept that is unique in the world. Everything focuses on the wonders of the human body and how you look after it: interesting, connecting, and relevant to everyone from all parts of the world. Because a healthy body is vital for everyone, and knowledge plays a key role in this. 



CORPUS wants to move its visitors to exercise, motivate them to eat responsibly and inspire them to live healthily.  

CORPUS wants young and old to discover the wonders of the human body and realise that everyone is ultimately the same - and yet entirely unique. 


CORPUS is striving for a world in which a responsible lifestyle for young and old is not a choice, but a fact. In our eyes, awareness of the wonders of the human body and the importance of our physical and mental health is the most essential basis for making responsible choices for a healthy life. 

By organising your event at CORPUS, you contribute to a healthier lifestyle in the world. 

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CORPUS, as the name suggests, goes to the heart of what it is to be human, encourages reflection about the wonders of the human body and the importance of looking after it. From the very beginning, our body works day and night, 24/7 for us. During 'the journey through the human body', let your guests discover this amazing wonder of nature. The 'journey through the human body' guarantees that guests go home with a valuable memory, a unique experience, and a different view of their body.    

Outside opening hours, it is also possible to use the unusual decor of the 'journey through the human body' for a live broadcast/studio recording or unique dinner, for example. The different floors in the interactive part, my CORPUS, can also be used outside opening hours for a workshop, subsession or information market. 

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CORPUS is a smart building. As such, the building saves energy through solar panels, motion sensors, has a thermal energy storage system (for climate control) and uses LED lighting. Different networks also communicate with each other through a building management system to save energy. 

Caring for the environment is not limited to energy saving but is inherent to the ambitions and policy of CORPUS. A concrete result of this policy is the Green Key certification of CORPUS. It is also expressed in our goal of minimising the production of (residual) waste, and we score well in our range of organic and fairtrade products.  

Want to organise your event in this unique location? We will be happy to help!

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