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Behind the robust exterior of the seated human figure, there is a strong concept that is unique in the world. In CORPUS, the focus is on the wonders of the human body and how you look after it: interesting, connecting, and relevant to everyone.
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The dream of CORPUS  

What started with an idea by Henri Remmers, inventor, and founder of CORPUS ‘journey through the human body', resulted in the opening of CORPUS on 14 March 2008. After over 14 years, CORPUS is still a unique concept in the world. CORPUS wants to move its visitors to exercise, motivate them to eat responsibly and inspire them to live healthily. We want young and old to discover the wonders of the human body and realise that everyone is ultimately the same - and yet entirely unique. CORPUS is working closely with international parties to explore the possibility of opening a foreign CORPUS, so that more people will realise that they themselves are a wonder and embrace the importance of looking after themselves. A healthy life for everyone all over the world: that's our dream.  

Universal message at top location 

A healthy body is essential for everyone, and knowledge plays a key role. That's the CORPUS message in a nutshell. Besides the 'journey through the human body', this prominent building of the CORPUS Congress Centre is the beating heart of Leiden Bio Science Park: the biggest innovation district in the Netherlands in the field of Life Sciences & Health. Centrally located in the Randstad near the knowledge city of Leiden, and close to the N206 and A44, the motorway linking Schiphol Airport and The Hague. With the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel next door, CORPUS has every possible facility for the most varied events. Furthermore, it has a professional, knowledgeable, and flexible congress team with only one goal: the unforgettable success of every business event, big or small.   

Health Partners

The Health Partners of CORPUS are also part of our story. Thanks to their support and contribution, CORPUS became a reality and CORPUS continues to develop. They all have one thing in common: knowledge relating to Life Sciences & Health. During the foundation, CORPUS worked closely with a Medical Advisory Council, consisting of renowned medical specialists and nutritionists. CORPUS was also supported by a wide group of renowned advisors in the Advisory Board. Today, various Health Partners strengthen CORPUS through their exhibits in the CORPUS experience, with which they present their knowledge in an interactive way to visitors to the 'journey through the human body'. 

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