Escape Room Experience

Combine the spectacular 'journey through the human body' with the 'Escape Room Experience'! After the 'journey through the human body' and a visit to the interactive part 'my CORPUS', follows the unique game form 'Escape Room Experience' in teams, followed by a drink. Excellent as a company outing! For more information: call +31(0)71-7510203 or send an e-mail to

For example, a complete team outing starts with a welcome with coffee and tea with assorted pastries. Then follows the 'journey through the human body' which ends with a visit to the interactive part 'my CORPUS' (together about 2 hours). Then you will be introduced to the 'Escape Room Experience', after which the drinks ** will follow and experiences will be exchanged while a drink and snack is served.

The unique game form 'Escape Room Experience', provided by The Box Company, starts with teams of 6-7 people who have to unravel a large number of table games within 75 minutes. Participants will find a large wooden box with a padlock on a standing table. There is an assignment for this box. By executing the assignment the participants can open the box. Once the box is opened one finds a bag (with lock) with a number of questions, assignments and objects with which one can always earn new codes and hints. This is received on an interactive voting device. The group that succeeds in completing the final game may call itself the winner of the activity. The game is largely software-driven so that every team is continuously monitored and therefore continues to be stimulated to play.

Arrangement price *** per person:

40 - 100 people: € 65,00

* The program is fully adapted to your wishes.

**Drinks: two beverages with - placed on (standing) tables - mixed nuts, mozzarella skewers, taco chips with salsa sauce, Thai chicken skewers, pinchitos (skewers with gherkin and chorizo) and Spanish meatballs. If your guests want an extra drink in between, this is possible too. Feel free to ask about the various possibilities! Instead of a drink, you can also opt for a lunch. This gives a surcharge of € 5,00 per person.

*** The price is exclusive of VAT and only applies during regular opening hours of CORPUS 'journey through the human body' (Tuesday to Sunday 09.30 - 17.00). Bookable from 40 people based on reservation and availability.