Unique location

With the striking building of the seated human figure, CORPUS Congress Centre is an eye-catching showcase. Centrally located in the Randstad, it is literally the beating heart of Leiden Bio Science Park: the biggest innovation district in the Netherlands relating to Life Sciences & Health. It is also part of a concept that is unique in the world.
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Unforgettable dimension 

This interesting building on the A44 not only houses the CORPUS Congress Centre. It also home to the CORPUS educational attraction ‘journey through the human body'. This dual function makes CORPUS an exceptional event location. There are various ways to add an unforgettable dimension to your event with the CORPUS experience. For example, your guests or business relations can experience the 'journey through the human body'. 

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Unusual decor 

Outside opening hours, it is also possible to take advantage of the unusual decor of this attraction. This may vary from using different floors in 'my CORPUS' as a workshop area to a live broadcast/studio recording or even dinner in the unique 'journey through the human body' itself. 

Want to organise your event in this unique location? We will be happy to help!

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